Wednesday, 6 August 2014


E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, stands for trading in products and services using computer networks. Although electronic commerce has lots of functionalities, the main electronic commerce is done over the World Wide Web(www) through sites that are specializes is such things (ex:, etc.) Most companies all over the world find it that electronic commerce is the most effective way of facilitating people with the fastest and less-time consuming trading of products and services.

The categories that will be most influenced by Internet research in five years will be grocery, apparel and accessories, home improvement and consumer electronics, in particular through mobile activity like reading customer reviews while in the aisle, , the report says. Together, those categories will account for $1.1 trillion of the $1.8 trillion total web-influenced retail sales predicted for 2017. (The web-influenced figure does not include the e-commerce purchases of $370 billion.)

In the U.S. E-commerce sales in 2012 accounted for 5.2% of total sales, where in 2014 on 31th of March the e-commerce sales have grown to 6.2%. 

In Europe the E-commerce sales are way bigger accounting for 10.4% on retail sales. In 2013 worldwide Ecommerce sales worldwide have grown from 18.3% to $1.298 trillion. It is forecasted that by the late of 2017 that e-commerce to double up growing from 80,000 mil € to 160,000 mil €.

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